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Stack and Hang Bin Steel Shelving Systems

Should you require steel shelving units with hanging bins, then Quantum Storage has the perfect storage system for you. These units are ordered as complete packages so there is no complicated ordering of individual items in order to make up the whole unit.

These storage systems provide economical, high density storage in heavy duty, giant stack bins that have open hopper fronts for easy access. These bins may be ordered with clear plastic fronts, which maximize capacity, prevent spillage and convert the bin to a true tote. There is also the option of inserting dividers into the bins to assist in keeping the contents organized.
These bins are made from heavy duty, injection-molded plastic while the shelving units are made using top quality materials, and have a 400lb. capacity per shelf. The storage bins can be ordered in the colors blue, yellow or red. These units can accommodate bins of multiple sizes on the shelves.

If you are looking for the ideal solution to storing many small parts that you can locate and access easily then look no further than these shelving and hanging bin units. Contact Quantum Storage on their toll-free number for ideal storage solutions to your high density storage problems.

Stack and Hang Bin Steel Shelving Systems | (see complete chart)

Model No.Outside DimensionsNumber BinsNumber ShelvesBin Model
QSBU-230240 12" L x 36" W x 75" H4810Mixed Bins
QSBU-239 12" L x 36" W x 75" H288QUS239
QSBU-240 12" L x 36" W x 75" H288QUS240
QSBU-245 12" L x 36" W x 75" H247QUS245
QSBU-250 12" L x 36" W x 75" H148QUS250
QSBU-255 18" L x 36" W x 75" H218QUS255
QSBU-260 18" L x 36" W x 75" H156QUS260
QSBU-265 18" L x 36" W x 75" H247QUS265
QSBU-270 18" L x 36" W x 75" H106QUS270